Local Species

One of the best things about fishing in the Sarasota, Florida area is that no matter the time of year there is some species that is fun to target. This makes guiding around here very entertaining as the trips change throughout the year, which keeps things interesting. Feel free to reach out before booking to get a feel for what’s been biting lately or will be biting at the time of your trip!


Tarpon are definitely a fan favorite among all anglers. They fight well and put on a show unlike many other fish. Around Sarasota we have some of the best Tarpon fishing May through July. Without the crowds you may find other places we have a consistent bite whether you are running the beach looking for pods or fishing the outgoing tide in one of our passes.

Summer months get really busy, book a tarpon trip for your next vacation!

King Mackerel

From the shipping channel by the Sky Way to the many shallow water wrecks, every fall and spring the movement of King Mackerel through the area provide some fast-paced and exciting nearshore action.

Let’s go run and gun to reefs and do some trolling Nearshore to get you the perfect ingredient for smoked fish dip.


Having a Cobia swim up will take your Nearshore Trip to the next level!

Tough and delicious. Every spring the migration of cobia along the coast of Florida makes for some interesting nearshore fishing. These fish hang out around large structures so at any moment while fishing the near shore wrecks you may be in for a surprise. And this surprise will load the grill!


Permit are a bucket list fish for many anglers in Florida. In the Florida Keys they are a part of the slam that includes tarpon and bonefish. While our slam is a little different up here, we have some of the best permit fishing in the state. Bounce around to nearshore wrecks and you will likely find some permits hungry to eat a pass crab.

Permit can be hit or miss but when you hit, there one of the most fun fish there is! Let’s see if we can get them to hit on a Nearshore Trip!


One of the most popular game fish in Florida and a dominant species around Sarasota and Tampa Bay. At all times of the year you can find excellent snook fishing.

Book an Inshore Trip to knock the snook off your bucket list.


Redfish are another popular species that live throughout the state as well as all the to Texas or up to the Carolinas. Being one of the more well known species makes this a primary target for many anglers. It is also the focus of many tournaments across the South East including the Florida Star Tournament through CCA. Be sure to check out that tournament if you think you might catch a redfish this summer.

Redfish fishing has been hot, book an Inshore Trip to see if we can land a few of these.


Most people think about the American Red Snapper when it comes to snappers but that’s just the tip of the ice berg for this species. Florida is home to a vast variety of snapper sub-species so the snapper you may be catching could change as you work from one end of the state towards the other. Sarasota, being in the middle of the state has some of almost everything. You can find Cubera and Mutton’s off the coast but American Red, Mangrove, and Yellowtail provide the most action in our area. Mangrove Snapper are just as tasty, if not better, than many of the other species and provide an excellent target for anglers not wanting to venture way off shore.

Mangrove snapper are prominent on both the Inshore Weeknight and Nearshore Trips


The spotted sea trout lives on the grass flats of much of Florida. They are an abundant species that are relatively easy to target without much equipment or a purpose built boat. Drift the flats with a pontoon boat or kayak, or get out and do some wade fishing and you’ll very likely get to bend the rod and maybe even bring home some dinner targeting sea trout.

Although they are still under the harvesting protection of the Red Tide Ban they are still fun to target and catch. Book an Inshore Trip Today!


The best part of Sarasota fishing is there is always a fun species to target. Of course, there are species that you can find in numbers through out the year but Pompano are one of the species that you find in the winter and help make up for the lack of Tarpon and Mackerel. They can be found in numbers in passes and are a fun with to target for all levels of experience.

Book an Inshore Trip for your best shot at landing Pompano


Captains favorite! The triple-tail can be found inshore, offshore, in the Keys and in the northern parts of the state. When the stone crab traps are out in abundance they provide the perfect habitat for the tripletail. Fishing for them is perfect for the angler who doesn’t like to sit in one spot. It calls for lots of running and checking buoys and then sight-casting to fish that are big enough. To top off all of the fun, they’re delicious.

Nearshore Trips starting in October will hold the best chances for triple-tail.


Grouper are one of the more well known species of fish thanks to their popularity on menus at seafood restaurants. To people who like to catch them they are usually considered an offshore species and can sometimes influence trips over 100 miles in one direction to target them. While being that far offshore allows you to put bait in front of big fish that don’t receive much pressure, grouper can be found inshore as well. Trolling lipped plugs are fishing live bait in deep wholes, or around ledges and live bottom can produce keeper size gag grouper without a large gas bill.

Grouper are most common in the Winter and most targetable with a Nearshore Trip

Barracuda and Sharks

Sharks and Barracudas are a standard bi-catch among anglers. If you are targeting a certain species they can make it really frustrating when you pull up half of a fish or you lose you tackle to the toothy critters. If you turn the tables on the fish they can be a lot of fun. Throw on a little wire leader and barracudas will rip drag and often put on an aerial show. Sharks, less likely to go airborne, put up an awesome fight and when they get to lengths over 5 or 6 feet can be really impressive up next to the boat.

If you’re interested in booking a trip to catch sharks try a Nearshore Trip or a Weeknight Special!

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